Why so many haters

I am somehow always surprised by people who constantly need to criticize and bash people for whatever reason. They spend their time lurking and observing what other people do, and write bad comments whenever they can.

I mean, I can certainly understand we all are entitled to our own opinions but do we need to constantly voice it when we know it is hurtful?

I believe in freedom of speech and opinion but only with respect and tolerance.

We are all different, my opinions are no better than others, and I can be wrong. ( sometimes I may forget it 🙂

We are not perfect.

That is maybe the reason why life can be so entertaining. Because it gives us many opportunities to grow and be better and beautiful inside.

Yet, if You need or feel an urge to criticise, ask yourself what may be the motivations behind, and if it is really the best way to communicate.

At the end of the day, the question is : What would you feel if you were constantly criticised by haters?

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