About me


I am jessica, I am no expert at all to begin with, I am simple girl that loves anything about cosmetics.

I mean. who doesn’t love cosmetics? ok love is maybe a tad over the top. But everytime I come across a new product, I get really excited, as if it was christmas time.

Yeah, don’t laugh at me.. I am sure I am not the only one…

I started this beauty blog to have fun and blog about the things I love and hate (why not?). You will find some beauty reviews, skin advice I learnt from reading every beauty magazines, from my family and friends.

yet, somehow life can be tough, there can be ups and down, but I want to remind you that it doesn’t matter if you fall, it happens. What matters is what you will do after falling…. Wait and complain or Get up and run ?

You know my answer.

It is maybe not easy but no one said it was.

Simply try or like Nike says : Just do it 🙂


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