Why Beauty Addicts Need To Visit Korea and Japan

japanese womenIf you’re the type of person that takes your beauty seriously then there are places you need to go and products you need to buy. You know you need to choose your cosmetics wisely. Everyone knows about the many beauty treatments available in the West but so few know about the way the East handle beauty, especially countries like Korea and Japan.

Face Sculpting

In Korea especially the idea of a perfectly structured face is taken very seriously. In the West a woman might pose with her hands on her hips to draw attention to them. In Korea women often pose with their hands under their chin to create the illusion of a smaller, more v-shaped chin.

Koreans take things like face massages and botox very seriously. The women there go through them regularly in order to get and maintain the facial structure that they desire. So if you want that smaller, cuter, face it’s far better to go to a place like Korea to get it.

Jeju Island

Staying in Korea we take a look at Jeju Island. Known as the “Hawaii of Korea”. It’s a volcanic island that is the home of a lustrous range of beauty products. The ingredients there are very natural and very pure thanks to the volcano. It’s a great place to go on a trip and of even better value to a beauty nut who wants the best beauty treatment Asia has to offer. The brand that I like is innisfree; I tested their BB cream and was hooked by its quality.

Hot Springs

Of course Japan isn’t one to be outdone in the beauty department. You only have to take a look at an Asian woman to see how gracefully they age. In fact it’s like they don’t even age at all. A Japanese woman looks young and vibrant well into her 40s and it’s only by going there that you can really learn why. One of the secrets is the many hot springs that Japan has to offer.

Japan has many natural onsen (or hot springs) that are good for both health and beauty. They’re a great place to relax and unwind and wash away the weight of the world. They also do wonders for your skin by cleaning away impurities and tightening your skin. Helping you retain that youthful look for longer.

Japanese Beauty

Japanese people also take their beauty as seriously as anyone else. Especially younger Japanese people. A high value is placed on beauty in the East and they have become very adept at making great quality beauty products. They know how to take care of themselves and they have a multitude of products and remedies to help them along, including natural ones like the aforementioned hot springs. They also place a high value on things like massages.

Overall the East is a great place to go to learn about different beauty treatments that just don’t make their way over to the West. Not to mention Asia and Korea are naturally beautiful countries anyway. They are beautiful, and so are the people who live there. They place such a high value on it that they couldn’t be anything else. 🙂

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