Why I don’t like UV Tanning


If you’re a fan of a nice tan then you might not want to hear it, but tanning is bad for you and it’s bad for your skin. UV tanning is especially bad. I don’t like it and if you are big fan, you should seriously consider avoiding it.

Tanning Damages Your Skin

Do you know why your skin turns bronze when exposed to UV rays?

It’s because it is being damaged. The skin produces melanin, which is what gives skin its color. The bronze skin tone of a tan is caused when the skin releases too much melanin in an effort to protect itself from the harmful rays of the sun. A tan is your skin trying to protect itself.

Tanning Causes Skin Cancer

Cancer is a serious risk that you can’t afford to ignore.

When people say that tanning can lead to skin cancer they aren’t kidding. Tanning damages the skin cells which can lead to cancer growth. Even the UV rays from a tanning bed can do this kind of damage. The more you expose your skin to UV radiation the higher the chance you’ll develop cancer. It’s just not worth it and you shouldn’t ignore that warning any more.

Tanning Ages You

Every woman wants to avoid aging prematurely yet most of them flock to get a tan. I am young but I prefer to start early and stay young looking as long as possible 🙂

The fact is that UV rays actually cause premature aging. The UV radiation does more than just damage your skin, it ages it. The damage done to your skin is also irreparable. So you won’t be able to take back the damage caused. You may look beautiful now but in a few years your skin will be a mess.

Tanning is Expensive

Tanning can burn a serious hole in your wallet as well as your skin. As far as visiting a UV tanning salon goes anyway. Tanning yourself in the sun is always free. Even tanning outside of the salon is expensive. There are so many dyes, lotions, creams, sprays, bronzers, tanning booths and a number of other fake tan products. They might not cost much at first but tanning quickly becomes a habit you can’t break and you’ve spent tons of money trying to look beautiful.

There’s no Such Thing as a Safe Tan

There are plenty of sun tan salons that like to claim that their tanning solution is safe; that they have this miraculous sunlamp that is safe. The fact is that it isn’t possible. There’s no such thing as a safe tan. Ignore any claim made by a salon or beautician that their salon is safe. Because it isn’t. You shouldn’t believe it is unless some top medical expert actually invents it.

People have gone to the ends of the Earth to try and find that beautiful sun kissed skin and there’s no point. Pale women like Kirsten Stewart and Julia Roberts have tackled Hollywood, so there isn’t even a reason to think you have to be tanned to make it.

Embrace your natural skin color, spend more on quality skincare products whatever it is, and avoid damaging your skin pointlessly.

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