My new best friend : home microdermabrasion machine

Many people aren’t a fan of someone coming at their face with a machine, but technology and research has improved so much in the last few years that many women are actually turning to machines to give them the skin that they have always wanted.

Microdermabrasion machines are the present (and future) of technology.

Here is an article that explains how it works from

I really wanted to talk about them, because since I tried it in a salon spa 2 weeks ago, I have fallen in love with this home machine that can literally transform your skin. I bought one machine after reading many reviews ( I probably spent one week to read almost 100 reviews. Most of them were complete Bullsh…, frankly why would people write such nonsense reviews? out of 100 reviews, I only found 5 relibale and useful reviews about microdermbrasion machines for home use.

I ‘d like to thank sophie and chris from who spent some time answering my questions about what machines I should buy. I am complete noob, so I needed some guidance. Check also their beauty blog on tumblr for those who prefer this interface.

Thanks again guys, you rock and I love your website ( I hope mine will be as cool as yours 🙂

One of the most appreciated things about these machines are that you can use them inside your home: so no one has to see you when you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable !

They even give you the same results that you can get in a salon – so why would I pay more to get similar results.

There are a few products that offer amazing results that will rival some of the results you pay hundreds of dollars for – though they do have some drawbacks.

In case you did not check the link I gave you above, here is a quick explanation how it works.

How Do Most Microdermabrasion Devices Work?

If you haven’t seen microdermabrasion before, it might look like it is a little too crazy to work.  It works similar to chemical peels in a way, and gives you an instant facelift. However, it doesn’t actually use all of the chemicals that a peel does, so you don’t have to put anything gross onto your skin. Instead, you use tiny crystals that are injected into the epidermis so that, when coupled with the device’s suction, you gently and safely remove the top layer of skin.

But that was the old system, today we use diamond tips that will exfoliate your top layer skin, so no need to use messy crystals.

To really understand how your skin works, you need to understand how your skin is designed. You have two layers that are known as the Stratum Corneum and a New Layer. What microdermabrasion does is quickly and effectively peel back your Stratum, revealing that newer, smoother skin that is underneath.

OK, so Stratum Corneum is Bad, But the New Layer is Good?

Well, it isn’t necessarily bad: it is still your skin! However, just like last season’s hairstyle, it is important to try something new. The stratum is important to your skin for many reasons, but it also doesn’t look quite that good. It prevents vitamins and moisture from getting into your Dermis, which gives you spots, wrinkles, and a general “blah” look to your skin.

Most acne or spot treatments that you use won’t work unless they can get into your sebaceous glands, effectively stooping oil over-production and carefully removing the dead skin cells. By doing all of this, your skin is preventing the blockages that result in bumps, lumps, and marks.

Things like anti-aging creams are only effective if they can reach down into the Dermis and strengthen those muscles that keep your skin taught and prevent wrinkles. Similarly, eye creams will only work to strengthen those delicate capillaries that leak blood if they can get deep down. The list goes on for other types of creams as well: scarring cream, wrinkle cream, hyperpigmentation cream. All of these products are great, but if you don’t prepare your face or body for them, you aren’t getting the full results. That was probably what was a real eye opener to me, because I never thought of it.

By doing microdermabrasion, you give a sort of warm up to your skin. You are telling it that it is about to get something that is very good for it, and it starts to prepare. You are moving away the dead and dull skin so that the product you follow up with will have the main stage.

So, What Can a At-Home Microdermabrasion Machine Do?

They can actually work on many different skin conditions such as:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Excess pigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Dull or sagging skin
  • Sun damage (also called sun spots)
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne and other scars
  • Skin tone that is not even
  • Stretch marks

Can you imagine a product that will help you with all of that? Not only will it help your skin look and feel better, but it will also allow you to get more out of your products and even eliminate some of them!

What microdermabrasion machine to choose?

well, I only tested one machine after reading the review post of sophie about her selection of best microdermabrasion machines here. If you guys need to make a choice, I recommend you their reviews, they are super detailed and reliable.

The machine that I tested is the Microderm MD (read here the awesome review that sophie wrote) , and indeed the machine was freaking awesome. My skin was super smooth and clean. My forehead was a bit rough. It was great a few days after the 2nd session.


But I could only test it for 2 sessions. so imagine if I can use it in the long run.

I will save like crazy to buy this machine for the coming christmas, or I may ask it for my 19th birthday.

What Side Effects Should You Expect?

oh my dear readers, keep oin mind that with microdermabrasion, there will be some side effects that you will have to deal with, especially at first. Your skin might be a little red and sensitive. If that doesn’t go away in about an hour, your machine may be too strong. If it is bright red, then you have too much power as well.

I was a little too greedy at first and used too much suction…. will be more careful next time.

You might also feel some tingling when you apply creams, so make sure you start with only a little to get a feel for it.

So what ?

If you want to try microdermabrasion at home, make sure you invest in a machine that is truly going to help you. Read reviews such as the ones I gave you or simply google.

Paying a difference of a few dollars might make all the difference, especially if you are already putting out money for creams and lotions.

Remember that your skin will be sensitive, so invest in the good quality creams and lotions to help you out.

And my dear readers, please let me know what you choose, it might help me with my final choice in christmas 🙂


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  1. hi jessica,
    wouah that is so nice of you for the mention, we are super honored 🙂 yeah you know how we love microdermabrasion machines for their effectiveness. we are huge fans of this technology 🙂
    anyway, we were glad to answer your questions, and please keep us posted when you buy you microderm MD 🙂 we’d love to hear about your awesome results 🙂

    • Hi sophie and chris,

      yeah I wanted to thank you for your awesome help when I asked you tons of questions about the microderm machine, plus I am a big fan of your website ( love the content and the illustrations) so I had to mention you guys.
      yeah, will definitely keep you all posted when I get my microderm ( fingers crossed lol)

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